Susan henderson - IDA Mentee Doula

"Every birth is as unique as you. Your body knows how to deliver a baby, and I want to help empower you to do so in whatever way you choose! I believe my role as a Doula is to inform and support mom and partner through their birth journey."

Susan is currently working on her DONA International Birth Doula training, and joined IDA as a Doula Mentee in order to gain experience and know-how from our IDA Mentoring Doulas. She received her Breastfeeding Basics training from DONA International to better serve her clients, and has received Aromatherapy for Maternity Services and Pediatrics.

Susan plans on continuing her education in the birth field to add to her knowledge base and bring more to both her clients and the IDA family. 

Susan Action.jpg

Susan is a new mother of one! She has a wonderful daughter, and an amazing husband. She received her Masters from Ball State and decided to start her journey as a Birth Doula. She fell in love with this work and knew it was for her! A few favorites hobbies are gardening, crafting, and getting lost in a great book! She is very passionate about her work and cannot wait to meet you!